Whitley Bay Carnival

Please come dressed in something akin to suffragette clothing (see below) - as part of celebrations of 100 years of women having the vote.

There are 3 options for participation, depending on whether you want to do the walking bit, or not:

1. Meet at Whitley Bay Metro at 10:45 (for 11 a.m. start) to walk as a body in the Carnival procession.

2. Join us at the Playhouse at about 11:30/11:45

3. Join us for the static sing at the end - come to the War Memorial for 12:00.

NB Be aware that some roads will be closed during the parade, so check in advance where you can get to, if coming by car.

Suffragette clothing: plain or striped blouses and plain, full-length skirts are suitable, with a hat. Some women would have worn trousers, too. The blouses often had a high, round neck, which you might achieve by taking the collar off an unwanted man's shirt.  With an ordinary blouse, just make sure it is suitably modest - use a brooch to pin the neck, if necessary.