Walking and Singing at the Old Low Light

First outing of our 'Suffragette set'. Please dress in something suitable for a suffragette, if possible. Bring your music in a performance folder, with the picture from the front of the Suffragette pack on the outside.  The order for your folder is here.  In the event of horrible weather, check this website or the Whitley Women phone for a message.  If it is just a bit wet, umbrellas are preferable to pneumonia, so feel free to bring one. DON'T FORGET YOUR SASH. For ideas on suffragette clothing, look at the Whitley Bay Carnival event.

There are three options for singing and walking, depending on how much walking you want to do:

1. Meet in Oxford Street car park, Tynemough at 1 p.m. to start walking at 1:15 p.m. Note that the first part of the route is quite steeply downward. Also, there is a charge of £1.20 per hour, if using this car park (Blue badge holders are free).  It is less than half a mile from Tynemouth Metro.

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2. Meet at the bottom of the slope, on the path by the coast at about 1:15p.m.

3. Join us at the Old Low Light - we are likely to arrive some time before 2p.m.

We will be singing some of the way - not when the drums are playing. We are aiming to sing at The Old Low Light at about 2 p.m.   If possible, invite some family and friends, so that we have an audience!


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