Getting ready for beans!






August, and the allotment is still going strong: runner beans looking delicious, still some raspberries to pick, lettuces continuing and a frame so full it is almost exploding.  It all works thanks to the helpers who get through the long list of jobs to do on the blackboard - no special qualifications needed - all welcome!









July brought salads, vegetables and fruits to harvest.  Even a few flowers!

The month of June saw abundant growth and the chance to harvest courgettes and strawberries - crucially, keeping the latter well-protected from hungry rabbits!  The gooseberries are looking good, too.
 There was a surprising meeting in May, this year.  Those who took part in our flash mob with Eurokoor may remember the man who video'd us.  He turned up at Seaton Delaval and chatted to our intrepid gardeners.

allot-16-meetingMay in the greenhouse

In April, it was time for raking and planting;  in May, pinching out and constructing supports. 






Why not come and join us? Much better than the gym for keeping fit and healthy. The allotment is in a gorgeous spot in the walled garden at Seaton Delaval Hall. Anyone is welcome to come and help, or just visit. Thursday mornings are the main day to find people there, but the allotments are free to visit whenever the main gates are open.

To find out more about the allotment, talk to Ann, Annie or Nina at rehearsals.







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